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Our Heritage

For over five decades, PT Tembakau Djajasakti Sari has consistently produce the finest white and clove cigarette for domestic and international market.

Our long history in the tobacco industry starts in 1963, as one of the pioneer cigarette maker in Malang, Indonesia. TDS Tobacco, which stands for Tembakau Djajasakti Sari, was co-founded by Budijanto Sukihardjo, Rusman Juarsa, Soegianto Juarsa dan Joko Wahyono. Together we strive to continually produce the best cigarette for our partners and consumers. PT. Tembakau Djajasakti Sari embraces the latest technology in cigarette making, while still retaining the authentic Indonesian Kretek tradition.

Incorporating both *hand-rolled* and *machine-made* cigarettes in our production. Among them are Penzil Mas International, Flame, Goal7, and Surry Super. We are experienced and certified to produce distribute cigarette in both domestic and international market. Every year, our cigarettes travel thousands of miles across the globe to serve our partners and customers. We are open to any long-term reliable partnerships opportunities.

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Our Factory

PT. TEMBAKAU DJAJASAKTI SARI is an international cigarette company based in Pasuruan, East Java Province, Indonesia and our product is 100% exported to several countries with more than 50 brands. Our company is capable of producing / capacity of more than 6 billion cigarettes per year, we have several machines that are quite sophisticated at the moment with the ability to produce 7,200 - 8,000 cigarettes per minute and 300 - 400 packs per minute And to maintain product quality to meet customer satisfaction, we also implement a Quality Management System in our operations

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Our Voyages

We strive to maintain our reputation as a reliable and efficient producers of high-quality cigarettes.

  • International
  • Indonesia

Worldwide: Australia, Malaysia, Phillipine, Vietnam and other Country.

Indonesia: Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Samarinda, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Kendari and other City.

Bonded Area
We are licensed to operate in Bonded Area (export & import processing zone). With local government's support to export goods. The benefits include; exemption from Tax, VAT, PPnBM and PPH (Article 22).
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Contact Us

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